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I started riding superbikes last season and since then I cant get enough. My first bike I bought was a 1996 FZR 600. I loved the bike and since it was a great beginners bike I was able to learn alot. Since then I came across my new baby.... a 2000 ZX-6R!!!! At the first glance of it I was in love .... the rest is histroy!!!!

Over the winter I have added many parts to my bike..... I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.... here is a list of all the parts I have customized and if you have any questions just email me and I will gladly help you out.

The Ninja when I first began to work on it.....
.... SInce then I have added many more mods.


Carbon Fiber Two Brothers Racing Pipe
Carbon Fiber Heel Guards
Carbon Fiber Front Fenders
Polished Rims
D.I.D. Triple Gold Chain
Targa Dark Tinted Wind Screen
ProGrip Green Grips
Renthal Front (14 teeth) and Rear Sprockets (42 teeth)
Clear Tail Light
Rear Turn Signal Eliminator
Gold Chain Guard
Gold Anadized tank Kit
Neon Green Underbody kit
Second Look Seats

Let me know what you think.... email me with your comments!!